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Chocolate Bars

Rob Kingsbury is an artisan chocolatier who is passionate about creating a beautiful and sumptuous assortment of fine specialty chocolates. His confections are made by hand, daily, in small batches using the freshest ingredients and imported chocolate.

With three generations of chocolate connoisseurs and recipes behind us, we bring you a rich tradition infused with novel innovation.


Chocolate Bars


  72% Grand Cru  $7.50
  Dark Chocolate - Autumn Harvest  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Belgian Dark  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Canneberge  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Chipotle 5-Spice  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Espresso  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Lavender Pistachio  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Nib  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Shoyu  $6.50
  Dark Chocolate - Strawberry  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - Belgian Milk  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - ChocObama  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - Cinnamon Almond  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - Fleur de Sel  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - Fruit & Nut  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - Honey Chipotle  $6.50
  Milk Chocolate - Smoked Bacon  $7.50
  White Chocolate - Mint Cookie Crunch  $6.50
  White Chocolate - Strawberries & Cream  $6.50
  White chocolate - Toffee  $6.50
chocobama.jpg Milk Chocolate - ChocObama

The ChocObama Bar is mint blended into creamy milk chocolate. It's cool and refreshing, just like our new President! You better order two. One as a keepsake, and one to satisfy your chocoholic craving.